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November 14, 2011
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MLP:FIM Pony Breeding Chart 1: Purebloods by LadyFoxling MLP:FIM Pony Breeding Chart 1: Purebloods by LadyFoxling
EDIT: According to MLP:FiM episode BABY CAKES, this chart and its sequel chart (mixed blood pairs -- generation skips) are COMPLETELY SHOW ACCURATE except possibly for alicorns (no proof at current time, but it still seems likely that alicorns can bear with anypony from the main three types at least) :dummy:

EDIT: Added possibility of triplets produced from alicorn pairs. I am fully aware that fertilized eggs don't split in thirds for triplets, I just don't have a better way to describe it at the moment and after doing two full charts of these and explaining everything in detail, I'm tired. If you know the correct phraseology for triplet eggs, cool beans, I'll change the chart if you can tell me. Just don't be a jerk in the comment section, okay? It's a freakin' children's television show. Real World limitations don't apply and hey, pobody's nerfect. The fandom is about love and tolerance, so verbal attacks on my intelligence are immature and against everything the show teaches in the first place. I did the best I could to explain it; if that's not enough for you, then do something better and show me up. Idc. I'm cool with that as long as you're having fun.

UPDATE: Included Faust confirming the ponies themselves can in fact crossbreed, for those of you insisting that they cannot. Also included some extra info for each subheading. Lastly created another chart for mixed blood ponies, which you can see here: [link] for all you Derpy x Dr. Whooves people who believe Sparkler and Ditzy Doo are their children. This second chart proves it's possible if Derpy has a unicorn in her ancestry!


This chart can help you create family trees for your pony pairings--trace how traits transfer from your pairings to their children and show you what children can be produced from what kinds of pairings.

Male ponies are in BLUE
Female ponies are in PINK
Foals are in PURPLE, and are genderless (as they can be either gender)

Unicorns have RARITY HAIR and a HORN
Earth ponies have APPLEJACK HAIR and a HAT
so that you can tell them apart

A chart of what kind of foal will be produced depending on the genetic traits of both parents.

This chart assumes that the pony parents are pure blooded unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies, and alicorns If a foal is a unicorn when one parent is a pegasus and the other parent is an earth pony, then that means that one of its ancestors MUST have been a unicorn, and that the genetic trait skipped the parents' generation and became apparent in the foal's generation. Therefore, for an example, you can still produce a pegasus from two earth ponies--but only if there was a pegasus further back in its ancestry, otherwise this would be impossibru. :iconimpossibruplz:

Genetic Chart Explained:

Unicorn + Unicorn = Unicorn
Pegasus + Pegasus = Pegasus
EarthPony + Earthpony = Earthpony

Unicorn + Pegasus = 50% Chance of Unicorn foal, 50% Chance of Pegasus foal

Pegasus + Earthpony = 50% Chance of Pegasus foal, 50% chance of Earthpony foal

Earthpony + Unicorn = 50% Chance of Earthpony foal, 50% Chance of Unicorn foal

Unicorn + Earthpony = 50% Chance of Unicorn foal, 50% Chance of Earthpony foal

Pegasus + Unicorn = 50% Chance of Pegasus foal, 50% Chance of Unicorn foal

Earthpony + Pegasus = 50% Chance of Earthpony foal, 50% Chance of Pegasus foal

ALICORNS (Winged Unicorns)
This is where it gets a little tricky.

Alicorns are a combination of all three pony types-- UNICORN, PEGASUS, and EARTHPONY all at once. Now according to pureblood genetics, the original three above (earthXearth, pegasusXpegasus, unicornXunicorn) this means that an alicorn could theoretically mate with any pony type and produce a foal. However, the alicorn would act as the second unicorn when mating with a unicorn, the second pegasus when mating with a pegasus, or the second earth pony when mating with an earth pony, because it possesses all three types of pony magic. The other two types of pony magic would lie dormant, but not be all visible at once in the foal.

Alicorn x Unicorn = Unicorn
Alicorn x Pegasus = Pegasus
Alicorn x Earthpony = Earthpony

Because basically in each pairing, the single-type pony's genes would match with the same genes of that type which the alicorn possesses, and the other two magic traits the alicorn possessed would lie dormant instead.

With Alicorn x any other pony type, the type of pony the second pony is would determine the nature of the foal because it would present a 100% match gene-for-gene, while the other two pony traits would lie dormant as they would only be an unmatched 50%.

Alicorn x Alicorn = Alicorn

^ This is the only situation in which another alicorn could be produced from a pairing, because both alicorns would be matching each other trait for trait.

In an alicorn x alicorn pairing, it would basically be unicornXunicorn, pegasusXpegasus, and earthponyXearthpony all at once, and each trait would then be present in the foal.

We can safely assume that Alicorns can indeed mate with all ponies because of Prince Blueblood's relation to the alicorns by word of Goddess (A.K.A. Lauren Faust) who said he is the "great great great great great great great great great great great (and probably even more greats) nephew on Celestia's and Luna's mother's side, about 52 times removed, roughly speaking." Since he is a unicorn and not an alicorn, meaning he must have unicorn blood in him along with alicorn blood. Since the name "BlueBlood" literally means to have Royal Blood, it is also safe to assume he is directly related to the alicorns and not adopted into the family as some may claim. Particularly including the fact that this is a children's show, it is difficult to believe that he was adopted into the royal line or that an ancestor of his was adopted into the royal line, as this would certainly have been explicitly mentioned somewhere in the show as it would be a plot device for sure. However the possibility of adoption was not ever stated or even implied, and along with his name literally meaning Royal Blood, we can assume he is in fact a descendent of alicorns who does not carry wings or lay claim to earth pony magic.

I considered adding zebras to the chart because of Zecora. However, because we do not see any striped pegasi or striped unicorns, or even any Zebra x Earth pony pairings, it is difficult to say at this time whether Zebras can even mate with ponies or alicorns at all. I am not going to hazard any guesses at this point. I think what I have in the chart is logical and feasible however.

Because dragonoskis are just so different from earth ponies, unicorns, pegasi, and alicorns in every way, I'm going to say that it's highly unlikely that a dragonoskis could ever mate with any pony type and reproduce successfully.
This does not mean that Discord could not mate with any pony type, it only means that he and his partner-of-your-choice could in all likelihood never reproduce, simply because they are too far removed in terms of animals. You don't see mice mating with eagles, because they cannot bear children together, and so I think it would be with a dragonoskis and a pony.
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Gojira5000 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've always wondered if the cause of an alicorn was something like a gene inhibitor; if each genetic set has a code to turn it dormant, maybe alicorns are created in very rare instances of which an inhibitor prevents the "other" genetic codes from shutting off, thus producing foals with multiple traits. 

The flashbacks in Season 4 might suggest that Celestia and Luna were born alicorns (or that the animators didn't bother making new puppets for a few scenes), and from the expanded media (ie: a book), I guess I could infer that Cadance (a Pegasus) and Twilight (obviously, a Unicorn) both had the inhibitor for being an alicorn, but the inhibitor wasn't activated during conception (maybe activating the inhibitor is a very rare occurance), and Celestia merely activated the dormant mutation in the genes of both to give them a horn and wings, respectively. Though, if this is the case, the gene would have had to have been in Twilight's own bloodline for it to pass on to her, meaning that there's an alicorn somewhere on her family tree; if there wasn't, she couldn't have had the inhibitor in her genes at all; Blueblood is related, but obviously didn't have the gene activated.
There's only two "pureblood" alicorns, and one other "mutt" alicorn; so that means either A) There are more alicorns than just Celestia, Luna and Cadance for Twilight to be related to, which I find doubtful, or B) Twilight is, in some way, related to either Celestia, Luna or Cadance enough to have carried the inhibitor over. The latter seems more likely, especially since alicorns are rare, so that could suggest Twilight was a blueblood even before she became good friends with Celestia; her parents could have been aristocrats even before Shining Armor married Cadance or Twilight was coronated.

So, if we take Lauren's logic with Blueblood and use it with the inhibitor hypothesis, Twilight Sparkle could well be at least somewhat related to Celestia or Luna; since they seem to be the first alicorns known to ponykind. But this is just me hypothesizing, nothing totally concrete.
LadyFoxling Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Late reply; I think that is a plausible idea! Good thoughts!
lunathymewolf Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ummm, i understand the fact that a normal pony parent (earth,unicorn, or pegasus) with a alicorn parent is more likely to get a normal pony magic but wouldn't it still be possible to get a alicorn (like a 25% chance or less)? I do not know if this is correct i am just saying what i think makes sense.
LadyFoxling Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
CHART UPDATES: I haven't fixed the chart but it seems like maybe alicorns can't be born, just made? Thank Magical Mystery Cure for this confusion. Dunno what to do on that now. I'm gonna assume they could possibly come out but I just don't know how to really calculate that given the new weird way the show works. The rest of the chart should be basically fine.
Zoey888VGtech Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Very helpful, thanks
LadyFoxling Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
Spitfire-Thorns Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
I love how much work and thought you've put into this. Well done. *brohoof* 

I think all of it is entirely logical, well-thought-out and well-reasoned. And I love the idea of Alicorn x Alicorn maybe = triplets. 
LadyFoxling Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*Brohoof* Thanks! I did put a bit of good work into it. I saw someone who tried to do a breeding chart once where they talked about baby pony fetuses that died in the womb due to magic overload and I was like what??? No. And so I made this because that was totally messed up, and this is how real genetics tend to work out.
JokiTonyuKirin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student General Artist
okay, just one question is what I need answered an THEN I'll understand it all XDDD if it was a UnicornxPegasus pairing, is it possible (because I know how human genetics work, that being, if they had the same then  they would recieve 23 traits or mixed traits from the parents) that the child could have wings and a horn, or ONLY one or the other?
GabrielMcDaniel Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
The determination of whether they  are a Unicorn, Pegasi, or Earth pony are probably all dominant traits, therefor they could only have one or the other.
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